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No 4.58 (2015) Onset of Crohn’s Disease by Symptoms of Acute Appendicitis Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Ya.I. Lomei, V.I. Ludyn, Yu.Ya. Lomei, P.M. Romanchuk
No 3.61 (2016) Oxidant-Antioxidant Homeostasis in Gastroduodenopathies Induced by Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Patients with Osteoarthritis Taking into Account the Pathogenic Helicobacter pylori Strains Abstract   PDF (Українська)
L.M. Honcharuk, O.I. Fediv, Yu.V. Kohanuk
Shevtsova Z.I. Shevtsova Z.I., V.V. Gaponov
No 3.53 (2014) Pancreatic Cysts: Current Concepts of Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Diagnostic and Treatment Approach Abstract   PDF (Русский)
V.М. Ratchik, V.V. Shevelyov, D.V. Orlovsky
No 3.53 (2014) Pancreatic Diseases as One of the Main Problems in Gastroenterology and Abdominal Surgery (Modern Epidemiology) Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Yu.M. Stepanov, N.G. Gravіrovskaya, І.Yu. Skirda, O.P. Petіshko
Vol 51, No 1 (2017) Pancreatic steatosis in children. Part 1. Etiology, epidemiology and pathogenesis Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Yu.M. Stepanov, N.Yu. Zavgorodnyaya, O.Yu. Lukianenko
Vol 51, No 2 (2017) Pancreatic steatosis in children. Part 2. Risk factors, diagnostic possibilitiess and therapy Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Yu.M. Stepanov, N.Yu. Zavgorodnyaya, N.Yu. Zavgorodnyaya
No 4.50 (2013) Parameters of 24-hour pH-metry and Their Relationship with Clinical and Endoscopic Manifestations of GERD in Patients with its Combination with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Abstract   PDF (Українська)
E.Yu. Frolova-Romanyuk
Vol 51, No 4 (2017) Past, present and future of surgical treatment of peptic ulcer (50-year experience of the institute) Abstract   PDF (Українська)
B.F. Shevchenko, V.M. Ratchick, A.M. Babii, N.V. Prolom, S.A. Таrabarov
No 2.48 (2013) Pathogenetic Role of Reduction of Mucous Barrier Resistance in Comorbid Course of Peptic Ulcer of the Duodenum and GERD Abstract   PDF (Українська)
I.M. Skrypnyk, G.V. Osyodlo
No 3.49 (2013) Pathogenic Role of Nitric Oxide in Formation of Different Types of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in Servicemen Abstract   PDF (Українська)
G.V. Osyodlo, A.P. Burlaka, І.I. Sydorenko, V.S. Potaskalova
No 2.48 (2013) Peculiarities and Possible Correction of Intestinal Dysbiosis in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease Abstract   PDF (Українська)
E.Y. Arkhiy, Ya.S. Derbak, S.E. Derbak
No 4.54 (2014) Peculiarities of Abdominal Pain Syndrome in Patients with Functional and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Methods of Its Correction Abstract   PDF (Русский)
A.E. Dorofeiev, O.A. Rassokhina, Ye.А. Кirian, I.А. Derkach, А.Yu. Butova
No 2.48 (2013) Peculiarities of Changes of Immunological Parameters in Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease with Anemic Syndrome Abstract   PDF (Українська)
T.Y. Boyko, S.Yu. Yegorova, O.V. Sorochan
No 1.51 (2014) Peculiarities of Functional Status of Gallbladder, Sphincter of Oddi and Motor-Evacuation Function of the Stomach in Patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Abstract   PDF (Українська)
T.V. Maikova, L.M. Mosiychuk, Petishko O.P. Petishko O.P.
No 2.60 (2016) Peculiarities of Intestine Motor-Evacuation Function in Patients with Various Forms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Abstract   PDF SUMMARY   PDF (Українська)
S.A. Nagieva, A.S. Svintsytskyi, N.Ye. Dolgaya, I.V. Korendovych
No 1.51 (2014) Peculiarities of Treating Bronchial Asthma Associated with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Abstract   PDF (Українська)
I.O. Borovyk, L.S. Babinets, S.Ye. Shostak, S.S. Ryabokon, N.Ye. Botsyuk
No 1.47 (2013) Peculiarities of Vegetative Regulation in Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Associated with Anemic Syndrome Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Т.V. Maykova, E.V. Zygalo
No 4.58 (2015) Peculiarities of рH-Monitoring Indices in Patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Combined with Oddi’s Sphincter Dysfunction Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Yu.M. Stepanov, I.V. Kushnirenko, L.N. Mosiychuk, L.V. Demeshkina, O.P. Petishko
No 3.57 (2015) Physiological Needs of the Body in Essential Minerals and the Role of Water Factor in Their Provision (in Terms of Some Rural Districts of Odesa Region) Abstract   PDF (Українська)
V.L. Mykhailenko
No 2.48 (2013) Place of Needle Biopsy in the Diagnosis of Chronic Diffuse Liver Diseases Abstract   PDF (Русский)
D.V. Orlovsky, N.Yu. Oshmyanskaya, N.V. Nedzvetskaya
Vol 51, No 3 (2017) Place of phosphatidylcholine in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease Abstract   PDF (Русский)
A.E. Dorofeev, N.N. Rudenko, N.I. Shvets, A.A. Dorofeeva
Vol 51, No 2 (2017) Population changes of colon lumen microbiota in patients with chronic hepatitis C Abstract   PDF (Українська)
D.V. Rotar, L.I. Sydorchuk, A.S. Sydorchuk, S.E. Dejneka, I.I. Sydorchuk
No 2.60 (2016) Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy (Literature Review) Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Yu.M. Stepanov, O.V. Simonova, V.I. Didenko
No 4.54 (2014) Possibilities and Problems of Hepatoprotectors Application in Patients with Chronic Hepatitic C and Concomitamt Autoimmune Syndrome Abstract   PDF (Українська)
I.Ya. Hospodarskyi, K.V. Volynets, V.V. Hrushko
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