Vol 52, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents

Original Researches

Structural changes of gastric mucosa in patients with intestinal metaplasia and nitrogen oxide hyperproduction PDF
L.M. Mosiychuk, N.Yu. Oshmianska, S.M. Babii 61-65
Comprehensive therapy of gastroesophageal reflux disease combined with anxiety-depressive states in antiterrorist operation participants PDF (Українська)
G.V. Osyodlo, M.V. Radushynska, V.G. Gurianov 66-70
The role of biologically active substances in gastroesophageal reflux disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus PDF (Українська)
Ye.S. Sirchak, O.O. Boldizhar, M.P. Stan 71-76
Age features of liver status in patients with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases according to steatometry and shear wave elastography PDF (Українська)
M.V. Stoikevych, I.S. Konenko, N.V. Nedzvetskaya 77-82
State of vascular endothelium in patients with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases and different nutritional status PDF
I.S. Konenko, V.A. Karachinova, M.V. Stoykevich, I.A. Klenina 83-87
Clinical and pathogenetic aspects of chronic pancreatitis in combination with viral hepatitis C in outpatient practice PDF (Українська)
L.S. Babinets, E.R. Shaygen, G.A. Khomin 88-92
Clinical forms of lactase deficiency in children PDF (Українська)
T.V. Sorokman, N.A. Popelyuk, L.V. Shvygar 93-97

Reviews and Lections

The use of elastography in patients with chronic liver diseases PDF (Русский)
L.V. Zhuravlyova, O.V. Ogneva 98-103
Role of visceral hypersensitivity in the development of irritable bowel syndrome PDF (Русский)
Yu.M. Stepanov, I.Ya. Budzak 104-108

History of Medicine

From Nekhvoroshcha — into worlds Dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of M.M. Luchnyk PDF (Українська)
M.P. Chaban, Z.I. Shevtsova, V.V. Gaponov 109-120