Vol 51, No 4 (2017)

Table of Contents

Original Researches

Epidemiological features of diseases of the digestive system in children and adolescents in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
I.Yu. Skirda, O.P. Petishko, N.Yu. Zavgorodnyaya 229-236
Structural transformation of the pancreatic duct system in patients with chronic pancreatitis PDF (Русский)
Yu.A. Mikheiev, А.V. Yevseiev, А.V. Kanaki 237-245
Imbalance of kallikrein-kinin system in chronic pancreatitis combined with obesity and results of its comprehensive correction PDF (Українська)
L.S. Babinets, K.Yu. Kytsai 246-248
Clinical and sonographic features of the pancreatic steatosis in children with overweight and obesity PDF (Українська)
Yu.M. Stepanov, N.Yu. Zavgorodnya, O.Yu. Lukianenko 249-256
Features of encephalopathy diagnosis in patients with portal hypertension syndrome PDF (Українська)
Yu.M. Stepanov, N.V. Chaliy, S.L. Меlanich 257-264
Development of a non-invasive model to improve the accuracy of determining liver fibrosis stage in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease PDF
Yu.M. Stepanov, N.V. Nedzvetskaya, V.B. Yagmur, I.A. Klenina, N.Yu. Oshmyanskaya 265-271
The content of calcium and vitamin D3 in patients with morbid obesity before and after surgical treatment depending on the type of surgery PDF (Українська)
Ya.S. Bereznitsky, R.V. Duka 272-280

Reviews and Lections

Past, present and future of surgical treatment of peptic ulcer (50-year experience of the institute) PDF (Українська)
B.F. Shevchenko, V.M. Ratchick, A.M. Babii, N.V. Prolom, S.A. Таrabarov 281-286

History of Medicine

The family of Sachses: father — a doctor, son — an artist PDF (Українська)
M.P. Chaban, Z.I. Shevtsova, V.V. Gaponov 287-291