No 4.54 (2014)

Table of Contents

Original Researches

The Content of NO Metabolites in the Gastric Juice of Patients with Chronic Reflux Gastritis PDF (Русский)
A.N. Kovalenko 14-19
The Functional State of the Stomach and Immunological Resistance in Infants PDF (Українська)
S.M. Dmytriieva 20-22
Psychological Dysadaptation in Patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: Review and Own Researches PDF (Українська)
L.M. Mosiichuk, L.V. Demeshkina, I.V. Kushnirenko, I.Yu. Zavialova 23-29
The role of bile acids in morphological changes оf gastric mucosa in rats PDF
A.I. Rudenko, L.M. Mosiychuk, N.Y. Oshmyanska 30-33
Clinical Course and Morphological Features of Chronic Gastritis in Patients with the Most Common Gastroenterological Pathology PDF (Українська)
A.S. Svintsytskyi, H.A. Soloviova, O.H. Kuryk, N.Ye. Dolhaia, I.V. Korendovych 34-40
Possibilities and Problems of Hepatoprotectors Application in Patients with Chronic Hepatitic C and Concomitamt Autoimmune Syndrome PDF (Українська)
I.Ya. Hospodarskyi, K.V. Volynets, V.V. Hrushko 43-47
Morphofunctional Changes in the Liver of Rats with Experimental Hepatitis in Nitric Oxide Imbalance PDF (Українська)
V.I. Didenko, I.A. Klenina, A.I. Rudenko, V.A. Makarchuk, N.Yu. Oshmianska, O.O. Halinskyi 48-54
Therapeutic Possibilities of Choloplant in the Treatment of Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction after Cholecystectomy PDF (Русский)
T.D. Zviahintseva, Ya.K. Hamanenko 57-61
Efficiency of Combined Hepatoprotector Forceliv in the Treatment of Chronic Diffuse Liver Disease PDF (Українська)
Yu.M. Stepanov, Yu.S. Breslavets, I.Yu. Zavyalova, S.V. Kosynska, V.B. Yagmur, N.G. Zaichenko, V.M. Gladun, D.V. Popok, M.L. Pleschenko, S.L. Melanych, O.V. Mosyntseva, I.I. Slakva, L.V. Borodina, V.Yu Poleshko, J.V. Stepanova 63-69
Hepatological Aspects of Metabolic Syndrome and Possibilities of Pathogenetic Treatment PDF (Русский)
V.V. Cherniavskyi, A.K. Sizenko 70-75
Endothelial Dysfunction Role in Chronic Pancreatitis Formation in Patients after Cholecystectomy PDF (Українська)
V.I. Rusyn, E.S. Syrchak, N.Yu. Kurchak 76-80
Tactics and Surgical Treatment of Obstructive Jaundice of Different Etiology PDF (Русский)
V.M. Ratchik, N.V. Prolom, D.V. Orlovskyi, A.N. Burenko 81-87
Death and regeneration of the pancreatic islets in relation to the development of fibrosis in patients with chronic pancreatitis PDF
The Role of Elastase Antibodies, Circulating Autoantibodies to Glutamate Decarboxylase and Islet Cells Antigens in Chronic Pancreatitis PDF (Українська)
V.Yu. Koval 96-99
Peculiarities of Abdominal Pain Syndrome in Patients with Functional and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Methods of Its Correction PDF (Русский)
A.E. Dorofeiev, O.A. Rassokhina, Ye.А. Кirian, I.А. Derkach, А.Yu. Butova 101-105
Value of Fecal Calprotectin in Rotavirus Infection in Infants PDF (Українська)
O.Ye. Abaturov, Yu.Yu. Stepanova 106-109
Ferrokinetic Parameters and Regulation of Iron Metabolism in Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases PDF (Українська)
T.Y. Boiko, S.Yu. Yehorova, H.S. Paranko, O.V. Sorochan, I.A. Klenina, O.P. Petishko 110-116
Topical Questions of Diagnostic and Correction of Lactase Deficiency in Children and Adolescents PDF (Українська)
Yu.I. Reshetilov, I.I. Redko, N.N. Protsenko, L.F. Kuznetsova, O.Yu. Vasilchenko, T.V. Bogoslav 117-122

Reviews and Lections

Intravenous form of omeprazole will be replaced by oral form in patients with ulcer bleeding PDF (Русский)
A.V. Savustyanenko 123-126
Features of Ursodeoxycholic Acid Use in Various Pathologies of Hepatobiliary Tract and Other Organs and Systems PDF (Українська)
Yu.M. Stepanov, S.V. Kosynska 129-135
Hepatic Steatosis and Steatohepatitis Is the Inevitability of Mixed Genesis PDF (Русский)
Yu.M. Stepanov 136-142