Significance of intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia in morphological diagnosis of patients with chronic reflux gastritis

Yu.M. Stepanov, О.М. Kovalenko, N.Yu. Oshmyanska


The present study was undertaken to analyze biopsies in 120 cases of chronic reflux gastritis with the help of modern histological, histochemical and morphometric methods. Histological study showed atrophic processes in the gastric mucosa in 73.3 % of cases, while in 46.7 %, atrophy was accompanied by deeper processes: intestinal metaplasia and hyperplasia, and in 15.0 % — by dysplasia of gastric glands. Authors proposed the use of the integral index “intestinal metaplasia + dysplasia” as an additional criterion for assessing the severity of precancerous changes in the mucous membrane of the stomach in patients with chronic reflux gastritis, which was significantly associated with hyperplasia of the gastric glands, infection of H.pylori, increasing levels of nitrites and tendency to increase the level of nitrates and gastrin.


chronic reflux gastritis; atrophy of the gastric glands; intestinal metaplasia; dysplasia


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