State Institution «Institute of Gastroenterology of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine», Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Yu.M. Stepanov, I.Yu. Skyrda


The authors analyzed the prevalence of cholelithiasis, chronic cholecystitis (CC) and cholangitis, the incidence of this pathology, as well as surgical activity and postoperative mortality due to surgical interventions on the biliary system among the population of Ukraine in the last 7 years (2006–2012). There was a reduction in the prevalence of cholelithiasis, CC and cholangitis and incidence of this pathology. Such dynamics is largely associated with external factors (living conditions, the crisis in society) than with the trends of forming and development of the pathology of the biliary system. While reducing the number of registered patients with cholelithiasis, CC and cholangitis, number of operations in acute cholecystitis increased, as well the proportion of urgent operations of their total number. Currently, mortality due to operations for acute cholecystitis decreased compared to 2006, there was a reduction of postoperative mortality, including that one in late hospitalization. Despite this, the problem of diseases of the biliary system is far from complete solution, as they take 1st place in the structure of gastroenterological pathology, and acute cholangitis — 2nd place by the number of operations of all surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity. Therefore, we must focus attention of surgeons who carry out operations on the organs of the biliary system, at the analysis of complications in which you must make a very important decision about the need for surgery.


diseases of the biliary system; surgical care


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