Substantion of Choosing the Method of Surgical Treatment of Complicated Forms of Chronic Pancreatitis

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V.M. Ratchik
Yu.A. Gaydar


In the Institute’s clinic during 2010–2012, 43 patients were operated for complicated forms of chronic pancreatitis. Based on the data of computed tomography and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, the variants of pathology of the pancreas, which are significant for the selection of operation method, were chosen. Evaluation of intraoperative biopsies showed that the main manifestation of chronic pancreatitis in all cases was evident fibrosis of gland tissue. In this evaluation, in patients with III degree of fibrosis, fibrous tissue was 68.2–76.4 % of the area of pancreas, and exocrine one — 16.2–24.8 %, in patients with IV degree of fibrosis, respectively 79.5–95.5 and 2.3–10.8 %. Indications for organ-preserving resection, resection-draining interventions and isolated, draining pancreatic ductal system operations have been indicated. Specific weight of combined resection-draining interventions with preservation of the duodenum was 30.2 %, the overall mortality rate — 2.3 %, duration of postoperative bed-day (9.1 ± 0.8).

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Ratchik, V., & Gaydar, Y. (2013). Substantion of Choosing the Method of Surgical Treatment of Complicated Forms of Chronic Pancreatitis. GASTROENTEROLOGY, (2.48), 68–72.
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