Peculiarities of Abdominal Pain Syndrome in Patients with Functional and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Methods of Its Correction

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A.E. Dorofeiev
O.A. Rassokhina
Ye.А. Кirian
I.А. Derkach
А.Yu. Butova


Objective of this study was to evaluate peculiarities of abdominal pain syndrome in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and to assess efficacy of Enterospasmil in complex therapy of these patients. 120 patients with IBS and 35 patients with IBD were examined. Age of patients varied from 18 to 65 years. Abdominal pain syndrome was detected in all patients with IBS and IBD. In examined patients we have detected predominantly variable, without irradiation, often of blunt, aching nature, lasting more than 3 hours, with moderate intensity. Enterospasmil is an effective drug for abdominal pain relief in patients with IBS and IBD and can be used in complex therapy of these patients.

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Dorofeiev, A., Rassokhina, O., Кirian Y., Derkach, I., & Butova А. (2014). Peculiarities of Abdominal Pain Syndrome in Patients with Functional and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Methods of Its Correction. GASTROENTEROLOGY, (4.54), 101–105.
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