The role of bile acids in morphological changes оf gastric mucosa in rats

A.I. Rudenko, L.M. Mosiychuk, N.Y. Oshmyanska


The present study was conducted on 60 white male laboratory rats in order to investigate the role of bile acids in morphofunctional changes of gastric mucosa in rats with due regard to exposure of bile and its concentration. It was found that in the early stages of duodenogastric reflux in experiment bile in low concentrations carries protective adaptive-trophic function and promotes cell renewal of the surface epithelium. At the same time long-term exposure to the bile acids regardless of its concentration can lead to the significant dystrophic changes in gastric mucosa, pilorization and atrophy of the gastric glands. In the case of the oral administration of bile followed by «immobilization and cold stress» for one hour (I group) experiment’s results can confirm that the combined effects of several aggressive factors lead to the more severe pathological changes in the gastric mucosa: first erosive and later ulcerative lesions.


bile acids; duodenogastric reflux; gastric mucosa

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