DOI: (51).2014.81885

Molecular Features of Inflammation of the Gastric Mucosa in Children with Helicobacter pylori Infection Associated with CagA(+) Strains of H.pylori

O.Ye. Abaturov, O.M. Gerasymenko


Objective. To evaluate the role of NF-κB and factors of recognition innate immunity (TLR4, sCD14) in the development of inflammation of the gastric mucosa (GM) in children with chronic gastroduodenal diseases, depending on the presence of CagA(+) and CagA(–) strains of H.pylori.
Materials and Methods. The study involved 66 children aged 7–17 years with chronic gastroduodenal pathology in the acute stage. TLR4 gene expression level in the biopsy material in real time was performed by polymerase chain reaction, the level of expression of NF-κB+ by CD40+ cells was determined using monoclonal antibodies by flow cytofluorometry.
Results. It is shown that in children infected with CagA(+) strains of H.pylori, while maintaining the expressed clinical and endoscopic inflammatory changes in GM, we detected a decrease in activity of the expression of TLR4 in GM biopsy material and the level of expression of nuclear factor NF-κB+ in lymphocytes, in contrast to patients infected with CagA(–) strains of H.pylori, and to children whose disease was not associated with H.pylori infection (Pu < 0.05). It is shown that in H.pylori-positive patients infected with CagA(+) strains we registered higher sCD14 concentrations, than in H.pylori-negative children and in those infected by CagA(–) strains of H.pylori (Pu < 0.05).


Helicobacter pylori; innate immunity; TLR4; sCD14; NF-κB; children


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