DOI: (51).2014.81883

Ultrasounds Equipment of Medical Institutions of Ukraine and Its Impact on the Incidence of Diseases of the Biliary System

І.Yu. Skyrda, O.P. Petishko, T.I. Panteleyeva


The article presents a study on the impact of ultrasound equipment on the indicators of incidence of diseases of the biliary system using the methods of correlation and regression analyzes. The study analyzed the resource indicators of ultrasound diagnostics, as well as the incidence of cholelithiasis, chronic cholecystitis and cholangitis, acute cholecystitis according to official data of the Center for Medical Statistics of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine for 7 years (2006–2012). Total number of objects was 175.
The study investigated the effects of the capital-labor ratio on incidence of acute cholecystitis. Capital-labor ratio of medical personnel — an indicator that characterizes the level of technical equipment of labor processes, the value of fixed assets, which are calculated per one health care worker. Growth of capital-labor ratio of ultrasound devices during the study period as a whole in Ukraine was 70.1 %. The reason for this growth is the increase in the carrying value of medical equipment due to increased purchases of medical equipment at a relatively stable staff number of doctors. Utilization coefficient of ultrasound devices park in the dynamics of 7 years has increased from 0.82 to 0.86.
Common complication of gallstone disease remains acute cholecystitis, which is in emergency surgery ranks second after acute appendicitis. Over the past 7 years in Ukraine there is an increase of 1.3 times the number of cases of this disease. It was found a statistically significant impact of the capital-labor ratio of ultrasound equipment of a doctor affects the number of cases of acute cholecystitis.


disease of the biliary system; resource provision; ultrasound diagnostics


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