Clinical Features of Functional Dyspepsia in Combination with Bronchial Asthma

M.V. Rostoka-Reznikova, M.I. Tovt-Korshynska, I.V. Chopei


The objective of the study was to determine the clinical features of dyspepsia in case of combination with bronchial asthma. We examined 152 patients with functional dyspepsia, 102 of them were diagnosed with bronchial asthma. In patients with functional dyspepsia combined with bronchial asthma we detected worsening of functional dyspepsia (significantly higher levels of epigastric pain, feeling of fullness after eating and nausea) and significant gender differences of its course in comparison with patients with functional dyspepsia without bronchial asthma. There was a significant prevalence of postprandial distress syndrome in women vs. men with functional dyspepsia and bronchial asthma. Among women in this group, there were also a higher rates of dyspeptic complaints generally and pain syndrome particularly, with more significant polymorphism of complaints in terms of pain nature (fasting pain and night pain, pain through the abdomen and/or with radiation to the back, the connection with spicy food and psychoemotional stress), whereas men from this group significantly more often complained only of the limosis.


functional dyspepsia; bronchial asthma; clinical picture; gender features


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