Doctors-Devotees in the Field of Zemstvo Medicine

Z. Shevtsovа, V. Gaponov, M. Chaban


Zemstvo medicine as a form of medical service to rural population appeared in the second half of the XIX century. Zemstvo was responsible for taking care of public health, medicine became a social service. The development of zemstvo medicine led to the increase in the number of medical workers in villages. Course of life and professional activity of doctors, such as Ivan Leshko-Popel, Vasyl Smyrnov, Mykola Motsakov, Vsevolod Malynovskyi, have been represented. Their lives were completely devoted to people, which is a good example of best traditions of zemstvo medicine.


Leshko-Popel; Smyrnov; Motsakov; Malynovskyi; zemstvo medicine; Katerynoslav-Dnipropetrovsk region


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