Analysis of the Efficacy of Therapeutic Complex in Patients of Gastroenterological Profile with Candidiasis of the Mucous Membrane of the Upper Digestive Tract

I.V. Kushnirenko


The problem of the treatment for candidiasis of mucosa of the upper digestive tract remains relevant because of the need of both a causal treatment, and taking into account the variability of the immune response in the interaction of the microorganism and Candida albicans. Reduced immunoreactivity in this case requires the corrective treatment. The objective — to study the effect of therapeutic complex with an inclusion of polypeptide immunomodulator imunofan on the performance of innate and adaptive immunity in patients of this group. According to the findings, patients with invasion of fungi in the mucosa are characterized by the presence of immune deficiency in terms of the ratio of white blood cells/CD3+, which is 1.3 times higher than in patients with oropharyngeal and superficial candidiasis (p < 0.01). After the treatment in the group of patients with Candida invasion of mucosa, the initially increased value of HCT test and cytochemical index of neutrophil activity were decreased by 40.40 % (p < 0.05) and 29.03 % (p < 0.05), respectively. These changes, along with increased levels of circulating immune complexes by 1.4 times compared with the values before treatment (p < 0.05) and 1.5 times — compared to controls (p < 0.01), indicate a deeper defects of the innate immunity, which obviously lead to a more severe course of disease and the difficulty in treatment. In general, the use of medical complex leads to the recovery of T-cell immunity in both groups of patients, with normalization of the T-helper/T-suppressors ratio, to an increase in the level of lactoferrin in the oral cavity and the increased concentration of IgA and IgG in patients with invasion. Therefore, a comprehensive approach to the treatment of patients with mucosal candidiasis of the upper gastrointestinal tract and determining the strategy and tactics of further observations are necessary for the effective provision of care.


candidiasis; mucosa; immunity; treatment; efficacy


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