Treatment Strategy for Pancreatic Cysts Depending on Their Origin, Activity of Inflammation and the Nature of Complications

V.M. Ratchik, N.V. Prolom, O.M. Babii, D.V. Orlovskyi, H.V. Tuzko


For 2011–2015 at the department of the surgery of the digestive system of the State Institution «Institute of Gastroenterology of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine», there were observed 472 patients with pathological changes in the pancreas. Surgical treatment was conducted in 87 patients with pancreatic cysts. Depending on the origin and maturity of cysts, state of the ductal system and activity of inflammation in the pancreatic parenchyma, surgeries were divided into four types: I — draining (performed in 52 (59.8 %) patients); II — cystectomy (4; 4.6 %); III — resection-draining (11; 12.6 %) and IV — resection (14; 16.1 %) operations. Indirect types of surgeries were performed in 6 (6.9 %) patients. Postoperative complications were detected in 16 (18.3 %) cases. Mortality was diagnosed in one case (1.2 %).


pancreas; pancreatic cysts; inflammation activity; surgical treatment; complications.


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