Peculiarities of Intestine Motor-Evacuation Function in Patients with Various Forms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

S.A. Nagieva, A.S. Svintsytskyi, N.Ye. Dolgaya, I.V. Korendovych


To assess motor and evacuation function of gastrointestinal tract in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) several methods can be used. Our aim was to study colonic motility in patients with different variants of IBS using dynamic scintigraphy. Materials and methods. 107 patients with IBS by Rome III criteria (2006) were enrolled. All patients were divided into 4 groups: I group — IBS with constipation (36/107, 33.6 %), II group — IBS with diarrhea (35/107, 32.7 %), III group — unspecified IBS (22/107, 20.7 %), IV group — mixed IBS (14/107, 13.0 %). Dynamic scintigraphy was done using scintillation gamma-room OFECT‑1 and EBM. Medium activity of radiopharmaceutical was taken at a rate of 10 MBq/kg body weight of the patient. Results. The results showed that in case of the IBS with constipation the passage of radiopharmaceutical decreased (increased radioactivity in the abdomen (> 60 %) and asymmetry of the right and left parts of the bowel is < 31 %, p < 0.05 in all cases). As for the IBS with diarrhea the speed of radiopharmaceutical increased (radioactivity in the abdomen is < 60 %, asymmetry of the right and left parts of the bowel is > 2 5 %, p < 0.05 in all cases). No statistically significant motor changes in case of unspecified and mixed variants of IBS were found (p > 0.05). Conclusion. Using dynamic scintigraphy we found expressed slowing of the passage of radiopharmaceutical in IBS patients with constipation (p < 0.05), while in case of IBS with diarrhea the speed of radiopharmaceutical evacuation was increased (p < 0.05). In a case of other variants of IBS no statistically significant changes were detected.


irritable bowel syndrome; dynamic scintigraphy; constipation; diarrhea.


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