Microstructural Changes in Hepatocytes against a Background of Liver Fibrosis in Patients with Chronic Diffuse Liver Diseases

Yu.M. Stepanov, Yu.A. Haidar, V.I. Didenko, O.P. Halenko, N.Yu. Oshmyanska


Morphological analysis of the microstructural changes of hepatocytes has been performed in patients with chronic C viral hepatitis; the distribution of apoptosis markers and cytoskeletal proteins has been analyzed on the material of 41 liver biopsies. Using immunohistochemical analysis and computer morphometry there have been investigated microstructural changes which accompany the progression of fibrosis, particularly the mechanisms of hepatocytes apoptosis, localization of cytochrome C, microfilaments changes and contractile properties of actin with parallel activation of regeneration processes.


chronic C viral hepatitis; cytochrome C; hepatic stellate cells.


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