Prevalence, clinical course and treatment of chronic gastritis at the present stage

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G.V. Osyodlo
Y.Y. Kotyk
M.A. Kalashnikov
V.V. Osyodlo


Background. The importance of the problem of chronic gastritis (CG) is determined by its high proportion in the structure of gastrointestinal pathology, reduced quality of life of patients, and possible complications. The study aimed at the investigation of the incidence and features of the clinical course of CG in servicemen at the present stage and pharmacoeconomic efficacy of bismuth and triple anti-helicobacter therapy (AHBT) in H. pylori (HP) — associated erosive gastritis with the use of domestic drugs. Materials and methods. At the first stage, the indicators of the admission rate of servicemen with CG and the peculiarities of the endoscopic picture of the gastric mucosa were analyzed. At the second stage, the features of the clinical course were studied and a pharmacoeconomic analysis of treatment regimens in servicemen with HP-associated erosive gastritis with proton pump inhibitors of different generations and domestic bismuth subcitrate, used in triple and bismuth-containing regimens, was performed. Results. An epidemiological, clinical, and pharmacoeconomic analysis of HP-associated CG in servicemen at the present stage has been conducted. It is reasonable to treat servicemen with HP-associated erosive gastritis with domestic drugs using bismuth-containing anti-helicobacter therapy, which will improve the efficiency and quality of treatment and avoid unjustified budget costs. Conclusions. Among the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, starting from 2013, there is a tendency to increase the number of erosive gastroduodenal lesions with a predominant lesion of the antrum of the stomach. Pharmacoeconomic analysis of the treatment of HP-associated erosive gastritis showed the feasibility of switching to bismuth-containing AHBT with the use of domestic rabeprazole and bismuth subcitrate. This is justified by a higher anti-Helicobacter activity by 1.2 times (20 %), 1.6 times better (60 %) cost-effectiveness, and 1.4 times higher (40 %) cost-utility.

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Osyodlo, G., Kotyk, Y., Kalashnikov, M., & Osyodlo, V. (2021). Prevalence, clinical course and treatment of chronic gastritis at the present stage. GASTROENTEROLOGY, 55(2), 74–80.
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