Determination of intercellular contacts in patients with irritable bowel syndrome

Yu.M. Stepanov, I.Ya. Budzak, Yu.A. Gaidar Yu.A. Gaidar


The article presents an analysis of literature data on the violation of intestinal permeability as one of the pathogenetic factors of irritable bowel syndrome. The structure of tight junctions is considered in detail as an important element of the normal functioning of the intestinal barrier. The researches that previously studied the expression of tight junction components in patients with irritable bowel syndrome were considered. The results of our own study with the evaluation of occludin expression in patients with irritable bowel syndrome are shown. It has been found that the expression of occludin is lower in patients with irritable bowel syndrome compared with healthy individuals.


irritable bowel syndrome; intestinal permeability; tight junctions; occludin; immunohistochemical method

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