Gastroenterological masks of partial epilepsy in clinical practice

V.V. Cherniavsky, N.O. Fedorchenko


The purpose of this paper is to draw gastroenterologists’ attention and underline the necessity to conduct detailed differential diagnosis in patients with dyspepsia syndrome. This paper shows a clinical case of abdominal form of the partial epilepsy. We have focused on the medical history; therefore, this disease has been suspected and electroencephalography and neurologist’s consultation were recommended in order to correct treatment. Partial epilepsy has to be included into the list of differential diagnosis in dyspepsia. Gastroenterologists and other internal medicine practitioners should be familiar with different clinical types of epilepsy and symptoms of partial epilepsy, as well as with the features of its medical treatment for early diagnosis and better outcomes in patients with epilepsy. It is necessary to collect detailed medical history and refer to neurologist patients with dyspepsia and a history of head injury, participation in combat sports, football or any severe infectious diseases with an intoxication syndrome. Early diagnosis of somatic masks of the partial epilepsy will allow predicting unexpected secondarily generalized seizures, since these somatic masks, according to their nature, actually are auras of the possible tonic and clonic seizures.


dyspepsia; differential diagnosis; partial epilepsy


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