Spectrum of serum fatty acids in patients with chronic diffuse liver disease depending on etiology and morphological features

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Yu.M. Stepanov
V.I. Didenko
I.A. Klenina
V.A. Karachinova
N.Yu. Oshmianska


The study analyzes morphological features of the development and progression of hepatic steatosis in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, chronic hepatitis C and alcoholic fatty liver disease. Depending on etiological factor, the important difference was noted in steatosis nature and degree, localization of lipid droplets, which proves the discrepancy between some biochemical mechanisms of lipid accumulation in the hepatocytes. The role of serum free fatty acids has been considered in these diseases, an increase of their content in the blood serum has been detected, as well as deficiency of certain fractions that may be one of the causes of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and other diseases associated with lipid metabolism. It was proved that linoleic (C18:3) and arachidonic (C20:0) free fatty acids can be considered as inflammatory markers. The indices of the fatty acids ratio have been proposed, which allows for better characterization and analysis of metabolic pathways responsible for the development and progression of fatty liver diseases. All this plays an important role in differentiated approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases.

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Stepanov, Y., Didenko, V., Klenina, I., Karachinova, V., & Oshmianska, N. (2018). Spectrum of serum fatty acids in patients with chronic diffuse liver disease depending on etiology and morphological features. GASTROENTEROLOGY, 52(3), 127–134. https://doi.org/10.22141/2308-2097.52.3.2018.141841
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